• What srtasks.exe and should I delete it?

    Are you a Windows 10 or Windows 8 user? If you’ve spent a while looking at the continued processes on your computer, chances are you found srtasks.exe somewhere in there.

    The Srtasks.exe background task is particularly noticeable if it’s draining your computer’s resources. Windows users have reported issues with the method using a huge amount of CPU or disk power, significantly slowing down the system.

    What is srtasks.exe and what's it used for?

    Srtasks.exe may be a legitimate Microsoft process called System Protection Background Tasks. It’s often used by the Task Scheduler to automatically create restore points for your system. It’s important that you simply have a minimum of one System Restore point set up at a time when your PC is functioning properly. These points are almost like a machine . you'll restore your computer by going back in time to a point where a problem was nonexistent. Most casual Windows users don’t take advantage of System Restore points the maximum amount as they ought to . Windows 10 and Windows 8 are capable of automatically creating them for you.


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